girls can grill 2.0: corn on the cob edition

Happy {belated} Memorial Day! I grilled in the early afternoon and then went a-wandering to the Georgetown Waterfront for some sun, water (as in the Potomac River kind), good company…and maybeee a few Coronas. Hope yours was equally as relaxing 🙂

For yesterday’s cook out, I decided to test all the corn theories that I’ve been reading: Is leaving the husk on better? What is the best way to flavor corn? Does soaking the corn in water make any difference?

By the way, as I write this, I’m listening to Luke Bryan’s “Rain is a Good Thing” because it aligns with the blog topic 🙂



  • Plumping corn: The theory is that soaking your corn- after it has been husked- in cold water will make it more plump and retain more moisture so that it steams better. I did this with 3 of the 4 cobs, and I couldn’t tell much of a difference.
  • Husk on or off: Grill enthusiasts wax lyrical about the benefits of grilling corn with the husk on or off. According to my research *pushes glasses up on nose* keeping the husk on helps steam the kernels. It tasted slightly more smoky to me, so I preferred husk off, but my friend liked it with the husk on the best.
  • Flavoring: now to my favorite topic- seasoning the corn! In my culinary rampage,  I decided to make not 1, not 2, but 3 different kinds of butter- basil butter, jalapeno lime butter, and cumin butter. Lo and behold, we actually liked the butters in that order, which was the order we tried them in. As my friend declared, “They just keep getting better!” {I almost just typed butter haha}. The basil butter was nothing exciting, but could be improved by adding fully ground fresh leaves to diffuse the flavor more. Despite my aversion to mixing fruit with savory foods, I loved this one! It might help to grind the jalapeno and let it sit in the butter for longer, so that the butter soaks up more spiciness. The cumin butter was so incredibly simple but amazing- just ground cumin mixed with softened butter and spread over the grilled corn.

Intrigued by the differences between “grilling” and “barbecuing”? Check out this explanation.

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