a lunch box confession

I have a confession to make. I told my 25-year-old sister that her lunch box was dorky, which resulted in her discontinuing its use. I then proceeded to buy my own several weeks later. I’ll admit it: I was wrong and she was right. Sorry, Sara! I should always listen to my older sister in the future 🙂

What’s not to love about lunch boxes?

  • They’re cute and colorful (do you see that baby?!)
  • They’re better for the environment
  • They eliminate the need to search for a bag in the morning
  • They’re washable
  • They’re insulated
  • They don’t fall apart like brown bags
  • They’re the appropriate size, so things aren’t tossed around

So I’m going to use my lunch box with pride. And if I get strange looks, I’ll just know that they’re just jealous of my little stretchy pink lunch bag that is conveniently made from wetsuit material.

The bigger takeaway: as confident young adults, we shouldn’t care whether or not people judge us based on something like a lunch box…even if it does make us look like we’re headed to kindergarten (side note: as a therapist for kids with autism, my sister actually does take her lunch box to preschool. It’s always funny to hear her say that she’s headed to preschool).

Sooo….young professionals of the world, raise your lunch box (or bag)!

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