sun-dried tomato & pesto shrimp sandwich

Here’s another edition of “Cristina cooking with her Magic Bullet”!

In a Magic Bullet, combine a scoop of ricotta cheese with a handful of fresh basil leaves, a small sprinkling of red pepper flakes, a touch of crushed roasted garlic, about a tablespoon of pine nuts, a bit of parmesan cheese, and a big drizzle of olive oil. Blend until smooth.

In a skillet, caramelize half of an onion. Near the end, add an equal amount of sun-dried tomatoes and heat. Place onions and tomatoes into a separate bowl and add several shrimp (halved along vein) to the pre-oiled pan. Heat until warm throughout.

On a burger bun, spread the pesto; layer the shrimp; and cover with the onions and tomatoes. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “sun-dried tomato & pesto shrimp sandwich

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