an incredible gift from my incredible sister

When I left for college, my sister bought me a book of photos featuring landmarks in the Triangle. I didn’t appreciate the significance back then because, as I mentioned before, North Carolina was just a stepping stone for me. However, I’ve always kept the book- which shows the North Carolina State Fair, our childhood favorite Pullen Park, and Duke Gardens, among many other places close to my heart- in a prominent spot in my dorms and apartment.

When I graduated from college some three long- and short- weeks ago, my sister gave me a book of Washington, DC photographs- photographs of the historic landmarks I pass every day on my walk to work or on my morning run. The White House, the Arlington Bridge, the Georgetown Waterfront.

In the front of the book, she inscribed the following message, which brought me (and still brings me) to tears:


As you end this phrase of your life and begin an exciting new adventure, hold on to these four years and the place that shaped who you are today. You left NC and fell in love while you were away. I hope this book makes sure you always remember another city that holds a special place in your heart. I love you, and I am so incredibly proud of you. Here’s to the start of your new life in Raleigh.

I love you!

Sara Rose

I plan to showcase these books, side by side, in my new apartment because to me, they represent both my close friendship with my sister and my close tie to two incredible, life-changing cities.

{Thank you for putting up with this corny post 🙂 }


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