a foyer?!

Did you see that? Look again.

Yes, I have a foyer. How grown up is that?! Not to mention both a linen closet and a hall closet.

And for a fraction of the cost of DC rent.

Although I plan to keep my current furniture and decor, I will need to buy more since I am almost doubling my space! Changes I’ll be making:

  • Photos for the hallway (maybe a Raleigh side and a DC side?)
  • Making good use of that awesome foyer
  • A revamped bathroom (I wonder the apartment policy on painting. My bathroom in high school was seafoam green with white accessories and I loved that)
  • A display of my Washington, DC and North Carolina coffee table photo books
  • So much amazing closet space!
  • Perhaps investing in a real dining room table (as opposed to the adorable white Ikea table I have now, which I still love but isn’t cut out for more than two people)
  • Establishing a home office space in the expansive living room area
  • Possibly a mini bar?!
I have countless other design ideas, so stay tuned for more blog posts featuring Pinterest images!

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