recap of nyc trip

What a whirlwind! I haven’t even had computer or internet access since Monday (I used WordPress’ handy scheduling tool to schedule a few of my design posts).

Monday: Arrived at the office at 6:30am. Met the summer interns. Took a bus to NYC. Dropped bags off at the beautiful Renaissance 57 hotel. Ate lunch at the NYC office. Hit the streets to chat with merchants, like this one, this one, and this one about their participation in Dollar Lunch Day. Ate dinner at Brother Jimmy’s, my new favorite Southern-inspired NYC BBQ joint, which has maps and flags from Duke and Carolina everywhere! Hung out on the top of the hotel roof.

Tuesday: Breakfast at the office. Hitting the streets once again. Lunch at delicious Jezalin’s. Funny adventures with my partner, another research intern. Dinner at Spin, an adorable ping pong bar. Girls night in, complete with a bottle of wine and 16 and Pregnant.

Wednesday: 4:30am wake up. Camping out at the Today Show to promote Dollar Lunch Day. On the screen for approximately 15 seconds. Seeing Jimmy Fallon, Al Roker, and the back of Meredith Viera’s head. Heading out to Angus McIndoe to assist them with Dollar Lunch Day. Pizza and beer at the office. Saying goodbye to LivingSocial people and heading to the West Village. Dinner at Ditch Plains, where I tried a hot dog covered with macaroni and cheese.

Thursday: Bagels, coffee, and park with my nephew and sister-in-law. Starbucks time. Seeing Bridesmaids, my first solo movie experience! 5th Avenue to wait in line for the Black Eyed Peas benefit concert (with T Swift!). Heading to happy hour at Brother Jimmy’s once we realized the concert was cancelled. And the rest is history!


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