this is real life and i don’t hate it

Some people tell me that I should mourn the loss of my college days because life goes downhill from here on out. I tell them that’s a sad, sad mentality (well, I don’t tell them because that would be rude…but I think it).

So this is “real” life…and I don’t hate it!

  • paying off credit card
  • realizing that i over-budgeted (definitely better than the other way around!), especially for gas
  • planning to put $1 in a jar every time i walk or bike instead of driving my car
  • learning that cruise control gets you better fuel economy on the road
  • consciously unplugging appliances when i’m not home
  • joining the ymca and taking my first (of many) 6am pilates class
  • almost being finished with my apartment decorating
  • planning coffee dates with fun people i meet around town
  • finally being back in the kitchen (see my post from yesterday about my menu for next week!)
  • hopefully nailing down a very part-time babysitting job
  • and the most exciting news? forming roman co, llc! it’s official!

Also, I thought it was fitting to add a “Post-College” category since I had a “College” category. See? Life DOES go on after college 🙂

In other news, check out this awe-inspiring story. It gives me goosebumps. I’m not sure if the execution happened. This reminds me of the great work of The Center for Death Penalty Litigation, where I interned in high school.

2 thoughts on “this is real life and i don’t hate it

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