my sophisticated philosophy on working out and eating healthy

I had a pretty recent epiphany about my theory on healthy eating and working out. Bear with me as I explain my thinking, which may come as second nature to many of you.

I used to be inconsistent about cooking at home, but then something clicked. I began buying fresh ingredients and making healthy, inexpensive meals at home. I would attempt to make the majority of meals at home, but I didn’t stress if I missed a meal or two. I knew I would be back in the kitchen soon enough. Eating my own creations at home was rewarding, but so was the occasional meal out.

Yet, somehow, I haven’t been able to apply this philosophy to my work out schedule. Ideally, I would work out consistently, and a day or two off wouldn’t throw me off schedule. I would enjoy my work outs (I actually do- be it the treadmill, tennis, bike rides, hikes, etc), but I would appreciate my downtime as well. But somehow, even though I know all this, it doesn’t seem to connect in my head. I manage to convince myself that by missing one workout, I’ve irrevocably ruined my progress.

So I know it, time to apply it! Wish me luck 🙂 And I hope this helps you convince yourself that one day (or two!) does not ruin all your hard work!


2 thoughts on “my sophisticated philosophy on working out and eating healthy

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