yoga makes me cheesy

Doing a challenging yoga class this morning has encouraged me to set intentions for the week in order to keep myself on track..and maintain my sanity during this incredibly exciting but stressful time (can’t share details on that YET but I will soon!).

  • Reach out to potential new friends & work out partners (just contacted 3 girls who posted for a exercise buddy on the board at the Y)
  • Work out (Pilates, yoga, tennis, running, biking, or anything else physical) at least 4 times a week
  • Water my new basil plant so that it thrives. Same for my big green plant in my “office”
  • Take on my work projects with gusto. Go above and beyond!
  • Remember that this is an incredibly thrilling time and that all of the stress is just minor bumps in the road that make me stronger and more adept at handling things that come my way
  • Take deep breaths throughout my day
  • Prepare simple and delicious meals that are good for me and give me energy throughout the day
  • Switch to decaf coffee
</end> cheesiness 🙂

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