Recap: Change the Triangle July event

Yesterday I decided to go to my second (well, first official!) Change the Triangle event. If you’re not familiar, CTT is the Triangle’s young adult volunteer group, which combines a monthly service project with a social event. And it was started by the sister of yours truly!

July’s event took place at the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC. For three hours, we sorted through donations from local grocery stores. Unfortunately, some of the donations had to be tossed (AKA put gently into a bin, per the words of our supervisor!), because they were torn open, re-taped, or unsalvageable because of dents. But at the end of our shift, we- some 30 young adults- had sorted through 12,000 lbs of food and non-food products!

We were all sweaty, gross, and wearing work out attire, so naturally…it was time to hit the Ale House! Some of us ordered food to ease our hunger pains. In retrospect, it was symbolic- we were hungry from volunteering in the heat for 3 hours, but what about the families who are forced to receive food from partner agencies of the Food Bank  because they can’t afford it otherwise? How must they feel every day?

And that’s what CTT does. It encourages you to think beyond your one monthly service project. It encourages you to recognize that those three hours are incredibly valuable (did you read the 12,000 lbs part?!) but also acknowledge that it’s about something bigger than putting in your dues and walking away.

And, may I say, you can do all of the above while having a whole heck of a lot of fun! We joked, we laughed, we teased, we made friend dates (local brewery, here we come!). What an amazing thing when a group of cool, fun young adults will give up part of their Saturday to come out and make a positive contribution to their community. I look forward to many more Saturdays with this group.


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