attention kmart shoppers

My sister was cleaning behind her couch and found this old Country Living magazine:

I love the cover and wanted to use it as inspiration for my apartment. How do they bring all of those unique, eye-catching pieces together so well?!

Anyway, one item in particular caught my eye- this armchair (you can kind of see it in the bottom right corner of the cover):

It’s from the Country Living line at Kmart. Now I’m no furniture snob (quite the opposite, in fact), but I hadn’t thought to check out Kmart. I dropped in and found the exact chair, even though the magazine was about a year old! And it was the last one. Fate.

And let me tell you, it looks great in my apartment. It’s interesting how one item can bring a room together so well. Pictures to come!

P.S. I feel frivolous when I talk about home decor, but I think having a comfortable, welcoming- and aesthetically pleasing- home is important. Having a place to rejuvenate makes you ready to take on the day in order to do non-frivolous things 🙂


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