we haven’t strangled each other yet

As you all know, I’m very interested in the idea of sister entrepreneurship, especially given that my sister and I just started a business together.

Today, my sister cc’ed me on a tweet in reference to an Inc Magazine article, entitled “Sister Act.” The tweet read: “Can you go into business with your sibling without strangling them?” A very loaded but extremely relevant question!

The article outlines advice from two pairs of sibling business owners. Interestingly enough, I had addressed several of their points in my original blog post on sister entrepreneurship.

  • Have things in writing: our “sister contract”
  • Address problems immediately: we’ve already dealt with this when handling miscommunications or frustrations. In general, I tend to operate this way, but I think it’s especially helpful in a business arrangement
  • Know each other’s strengths: I stated that this was one benefit of working together in the first place, but it is also a very important factor for being successful in a joint business. For example, I design our flyers (thank you Pages for Mac!) and organize our Gmail account, while she handles things like dealing with our accountant.
  • Don’t make it all business all the time: We’ve already made an agreement to have designated times where we don’t talk about business. For example, when we walk my sister’s dogs, it’s generally a “no work zone.”
So thank you to Sabina & Lorraine Belkin and Leo & Oliver Kremer for reiterating what we’re quickly learning!

2 thoughts on “we haven’t strangled each other yet

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