That novel feeling

Chowing down on a late lunch (eggplant “sandwiches” filled with mozzarella over a bed of caramelized onions and tomatoes, a Greek salad with feta dressing and hummus, and cherries), blasting Jo Dee Messina, waiting for the giant hole in the ceiling of my bathroom to be repaired, enjoying the cool(ish) breeze coming through my windows

  • The Wine & Design class was fun- I got bored of painting Starry Night so I painted Starry Sunset. Poor Van Gogh is probably rolling in his grave, but I got lots of compliments for creativity 🙂
  • I got my new couch! It’s perfect- stately but comfy, brown tweed-y fabric, wooden legs (my favorite style for couches). The perfect way to finish my seating area in my living room
  • On the countdown to the opening of The Raleigh Forum
  • Think I might be intolerant to gluten, so trying out a gluten free diet
  • Realized my deal-breakers for guys: poor grammar, dislike their job, inability to make eye contact, and drunk driving
  • Being relatively good about limiting my caffeine intake
  • Back into the swing of things at the gym. I’ve been craving my work outs, which is a very good thing!
  • In a bit of a food rut that I’m trying to break out of
  • Baked chocolate chip cookies for the guys who have helped me move over the past 2 months
  • Possible road trip with my sister this weekend
  • Reading before bed (plowing through Michael Crichton’s books)
I was really worried that when I moved here “permanently,” I would lose that novel feeling (sung to the tune of “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”) that I had when I visited NC. But so far, it hasn’t happened. I still think- at least once a day, but usually much more- how happy I am to be in beautiful, sunny, welcoming Raleigh. Sure, normal life struggles occur. It’s no longer a safe haven where I come to get away from “real life.” It is real life. And that’s even better.

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