past, future, and always present

  • A super fun and delicious Restaurant Week dinner with the girls at Five Star [samplings of eggplant, lettuce wraps, crispy sesame beef, teriyaki beef tenderloin, banana cake….and a ridiculously strong Poundcake Martini]
  • Booking our 2012 cruise to the Bahamas. Unreal.
  • First time cooking with quinoa noodles
  • Stunningly beautiful weather, which led to a makeshift outdoor office for the afternoon
  • Keeping to work out schedule
  • Our first contract signing appointment!
  • Deadline for art submissions for The Forum tomorrow
  • Collaborate Raleigh, a Downtown Raleigh Alliance networking event
  • Comedy Club
  • Chat with Duke Compass Fellows mentors during a taste-tripping session. How cool is that?! Reminds me of chocolate cake shots…
  • Building desks for The Raleigh Forum…if you would like to attend our “Bring a Screwdriver, Get a Screwdriver” party, let me know! That’s bring a Philips or flathead and get a vodka/OJ 🙂
  • Keeping to work schedule 🙂
  • Drinks with several different friends

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