a day for my taste buds

On Friday night, a group of us went to ComedyWorx for the late night improv show. It was soo much fun and a great way to get out without doing the typical bar hopping night. We grabbed a super healthy dinner of fries and burgers at Mo Joes and then headed to the show and grabbed a few beers at the bar there. It was a super fun audience- when they asked for adjectives we heard “juicy,” “raunchy,” and “silly,” along with several less blog appropriate ones 🙂 Definitely our type of crowd haha.

Yesterday I went over to Durham to chat with the Compass Fellows mentors at Duke. It is a fun, inspiring group of five upperclassmen who will guide fifteen incoming freshmen in a social entrepreneurship fellowship over the next year.

It was awesome to be able to share what I learned as a founding mentor at GWU; I had a lot to share, both from my successes and my mistakes. I hope that hearing from me was beneficial for them! I also extended an invite to The Raleigh Forum to them and their fellows. I thought it would be useful to chat with me and my sister, since we just went through the entire process of starting a business- from generating an idea to forming an LLC to finding an accountant to opening the business (well, almost- September 1!)/

But one of the coolest parts of the day was our “taste tripping” party. Trust me, it sounds much more illicit than it is 🙂 You pop an mberry pill into your mouth, let it dissolve, and then sample an array of bitter and sour foods. It “magically” transforms the flavors to sweet and sugary! A lemon suddenly tastes like lemonade and you can bite into one without cringing. Gotta say though, radishes tasted like radishes and balsamic vinegar tasted like balsamic vinegar. But interestingly enough, a lemon dipped into soy sauce tastes oddly good.

But, as one blogger eloquently said, “Honestly, if Tabasco tastes like hot donut glaze, I think you may be tripping on something else.” Haha! Though we all (jokingly? not jokingly?) said we felt especially spacey afterwards! The blogger also said the following, which I agree with: “After much discussion, we seemed to agree that despite a few extreme flavor shifts, the Miracle Fruit tablets mainly took the bite/edge/stinkiness (all words used) out of most things, allowing you to taste more complexity in the flavors, or in some cases, just a slightly different flavor.”

So what did I do post-tripping? I went to Harris Teeter and picked up weird ingredients, duh! I grabbed Thai eggplants (very mini!), bitter melon, and sunflower chokes. Stay tuned for recipes!


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