a small bump on a long, long flat road.

Do you ever have one of those days when you know the world isn’t ending but it still sucks anyway? When you know there are people in worst situations around the world, but  somehow, that doesn’t make your circumstances feel any less (pardon my French) shitty? When you know it will be over in a matter of hours or days, but the “right now” isn’t feeling so hot? When you know you might look back and think “That’s wasn’t so bad” but for now, that’s definitely not one of the thoughts on your mind?

You begin to think maybe learning to compartmentalize isn’t such a bad idea. And then you play your best game of tennis…ever. You slowly sip Gatorade to replenish your energy and electrolytes. You take a hot shower and maybe let those last tears fall, mixing with the water in an oddly refreshing way. You let your mind stop whirring as you watch Charlie’s Angels or read a Michael Crichton novel. You enjoy a special treat- fajitas from a new Mexican restaurant.

And then you hope to goodness that it’s over soon. And then you acknowledge: you survived another small bump on a long, long flat road.


4 thoughts on “a small bump on a long, long flat road.

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