the law of created luck

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When I have a bad day- or in the calm after a bad day- I think about how philosophies and principles like Murphy’s Law, the Law of Attraction, and luck intertwine.

Some days, I can laugh at how present Murphy seems to be. Other days, like yesterday, all I want to do is send him packing.

The Law of Attraction says that “like attracts like,” so positive thinking brings about positive results, while a negative mindset produces negative results. Critics say that evidence of this is anecdotal and not provable. While that may be true, I think it certainly holds merit.

For example, I recently read an article in a women’s magazine about how lucky people create their own luck. As a sidenote, when I tried Googling this article with the phrase “article people create their luck,” I got tons of results, lending merit to this idea. Research suggests that “lucky” people change their behavior to produce favorable results. They listen to their intuition, are observant, outgoing, and act on “chance” opportunities. Essentially, they are more attuned to “lucky” situations, which in turn produces more luck.

Which makes me think of one of my favorite quotes from the scientist Louis Pasteur: “Chance favors the prepared mind.” Or, as a friend recently said, “I find that the harder I work, the luckier I get.” Funny how that works!

My sister and I were recently asked to speak to a group of women and we thought about the things that are most critical to our [hopeful] success. “Created luck” was one of them.

I could say that it was just luck that Derrick Minor of the Downtown Raleigh Alliance saw my tweet about coworking space, responded, and set me up with a leasing agent, from whom we now lease our coworking space. And it was lucky. But I partially created that luck: Two years ago, I created a Twitter account, knowing that it was a powerful social networking tool. I follow members of the downtown Raleigh community, who in turn follow me. I’ve built a strong online presence and a strong network. And I took a shot in the dark by tweeting that I was in need of a coworking space.

See what I mean?

But I’ll admit, I think there are times when you just have to let Murphy run his course. No matter how hard you struggle, he wins, at least temporarily. But if you can laugh about it, you’ve really won.

P.S. Updated on 11.15.11: How Entrepreneurs Can Create Their Own Luck


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