This blog title is dedicated to my friend Sarah- every time I hear a techno beat on the radio, I think of her grinning and dancing along to the music. Her upbeat, contagious happiness- especially while dancing to a great beat-  inspires me to put on some Afrojack, dance like a maniac, and  let loose every once in awhile.

What other music is on my mind? “Cheers (Drink to That)” by Rhianna. Cheers to the freakin’ weekendddd! I’m driving back up to DC this weekend to celebrate my friend’s birthday. I haven’t been going out a lot but I’m looking forward to a carefree night out in the city with the girls. We always have a blast, make tons of funny memories, have a slumber party  (yup, 22 year old girls still do that), and go to brunch the next day. I have no doubt that this weekend won’t break that pattern. And we may or may not have a birthday surprise in store for the birthday girl. Just sayin’….

This week in retrospect:

  • New work project which calls for lots of time on Twitter. Score!
  • Finally trying out Dos Taquitos for a family dinner. Alas, they don’t serve fajitas but I got delicious steak tacos and a icy margarita
  • Bed at 8pm one night- I was exhausted!
  • A failed attempt at playing tennis- silly rain
  • Sending out lots of press releases for The Forum. It’s a good skill to have for the future! It’s interesting to angle each email depending on the media outlet. For example, for magazines like Carolina Woman and Skirt!, the “young sister entrepreneurs” angle seems to be the most relevant.
  • Missed PechaKucha Night unfortunately; I really wanted to see Morgan Siem‘s talk about supporting the LGBT community, especially in light of the recent decision of the NC Senate to put the issue of a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage to voters.

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