road bump #1

I just declared my Seven Day Gluten-Free Challenge a few hours ago but already I’ve run into a speed bump and learned a lesson. I was out of town this weekend, so I haven’t done my weekly grocery run yet. This morning, I was rushing from babysitting to the office, so I grabbed the only easy, transportable, gluten-free things I could find- roasted red pepper and tomato soup, canned green beans, and a granola bar. I know what you’re thinking- holy sodium. I know! And not terribly filling either.

Which leaves me with gluten-free lesson #1: Plan ahead. Obvious but easy to forget.

Lesson #2? Morningstar’s Spicy Black Bean Burgers have wheat gluten in them! I know I just said that fake meat products often have wheat gluten but I didn’t think of black bean burgers as a meat substitute per se.

So my conclusion? I’m now doing a Seven Day Gluten-Free  Limited Gluten Challenge!

P.S. Brook Powers of Blissful Mind Wellness just reminded me that Tamari is a good soy sauce substitute.


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