They’re going to find out anyway.

As my sister was editing a column that I wrote on behalf on The Raleigh Forum for Business Leader magazine, she worried about striking a balance between a professional tone that still showed our personalities. The conclusion we came to was this: the article should be well-written and articulate but still playful- just like we are. After all, we don’t want to alienate potential members by putting on an overly professional front. Or worse, we don’t want to attract tightly-wound individuals who won’t mesh with our laid-back but productive and collaborative environment.

This got me thinking about dating. As a side note, I find that a lot of sage business advice can apply equally to one’s personal life.

When I go on dates, I’m myself. I say a cringe-worthy “That’s what she said!” if it’s fitting. I glow sweat profusely while playing tennis. Because if someone’s with me long enough, they’re going to see this side of me. Why not ease them in from the beginning? No sense in wasting both of our times frontin’. Oh, I also occasionally showcase my splendidly gangster rap skills.

I think it takes a lot of maturity, self-confidence, and perhaps even some letdowns to realize this seemingly painfully easy life lesson: attract people to who you are, not who you pretend to be. They’re going to find out anyway.


2 thoughts on “They’re going to find out anyway.

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