entrenched in the field

I realized recently how much I value individuals that don’t just work within a field; they are entrenched in a field. Sara Rose isn’t just a therapist for one child with autism; she is up to date on theories of what causes autism and possible solutions. Sarah isn’t just a Fulbright in Egypt addressing food issues; she constantly reads columns in the New York Times about food sustainability. Kathleen doesn’t just work for a women’s development organization in Rwanda; she is always posting fascinating articles about genocide reparations to her Facebook account. Daniela isn’t just interested in water issues; she can debate general Middle Eastern policies with the best of them. Grant doesn’t just work as an associate at Oglivy Earth; he is always at the epicenter of the social enterprise world.

As a constant self-improver, I seek to surround myself with inspiring individuals that I want to emulate. Along the same vein, I want to be a resource for coworking, cooking, social enterprise, career development, and recruiting. I want to be entrenched in these worlds instead of having the narrow mentality that my work should be my only concern.

When I sit down to screen resumes for four hours, I don’t think that the only important thing is getting through them. Instead, I think: how can I glean information from these 1000 resumes (yes, I recently read 1000 resumes for the same position) so that I can formulate hypotheses and theories to pass on to job seekers?

Within the recruiting realm, here’s one great example of a recruiter who applies his learnings to the larger field: Recruiting in 3D by Pete Radloff, my coworker.

**As always, these views represent my own, not the views of my employer. 


4 thoughts on “entrenched in the field

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