speaking of boxes…

I wrote yesterday about my Shabbox but today’s post is about a different kind of box!

I blogged last winter about my experience with my farm club membership from Arganica, but now I’ll have experience with a Raleigh-based Community Supported Agriculture. The Raleigh Forum reached out to Coon Rock Farm, a Hillsborough-based CSA, and we will be serving as a drop spot for them starting on October 10th. Every Friday, members of the community can come by The Forum to pick up their produce box, which will be filled with locally grown produce. Apparently, Coon Rock Farm is one of very few farms that offer winter CSA.

For more information on the pick-up from The Raleigh Forum, click here.

I’m so excited for the surprise I’ll get in my box every week.  As you know, I love selecting random ingredients and centering recipes around them. Here is some inspiration for me…and you, if you feel inclined to purchase a CSA membership this winter!

And, as always, some photo inspiration:

credit: queenmamas.com

credit: biodynamics.com

credit: teamtish.blogspot.com

P.S. I find that Pinterest is one of the best places to find attractive images. I think it’s because the individuals who upload pictures to the site tend to be more concerned with aesthetics than the general population!

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