my { } blog…

Some people have food blogs, some have lifestyle blogs, some have professional blogs. It’s always difficult for me to put a simple label on my blog.

You might wonder how I decide what to write about. The vast majority of my posts are based on “things Cristina thinks about or wonders and assumes other people are thinking or wondering too or would think and wonder about if they read a post on it.” Does that clear things up? 🙂

As I so eloquently told my sister the other day: “I love to think.” What I meant was: “I really enjoy finding inspiration in everyday life, relating it to other topics, and formulating a blog post on it.”

And that encompasses everything from new recipes to sociological examinations.

If I’m wondering what the heck company makes gluten-free beer, I assume there’s at least one other person out there thinking the same thing. By the way, Redbridge by Anheuser is supposedly the best gluten-free beer but I can’t find it anywhere.

So I hope that you DO find my posts relevant. And if you’d ever like to share your thoughts or get my thoughts on something, just ask. I know you readers are lurking out there somewhere!


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