weekend recap

Happy Monday! I had another one of those relaxing-makes-you-feel-refreshed-for-Monday-morning weekends.

On Wednesday evening, my friend from college arrived in Raleigh. My sister and I picked her up at the airport, where the three of us promptly decided that this occasion called for a trip to Cracker Barrel. We happened to run into an acquaintance from college, who just moved to Raleigh. We invited him to eat with us, and I promised to show him the ropes 🙂

On Thursday and Friday, my friend came into the office with me. That’s the beauty of running your own business! The drawback is that I couldn’t take those two days off.

We did not make prank calls, I assure you. We did watch Friends and scary movies, take trips to Armadillo Grill and Raleigh Times, and play a lot of Taboo.

On Friday evening, 16 friends graced me with their presence at my apartment, where I had laid out a Shabbat feast (recipes to come). We went through the traditional actions, including drinking from the Kiddush cup and breaking Challah. It was such a cool feeling to be surrounded by a group of awesome people sharing Jewish traditions (many of which I had just learned myself). We stood in a circle with candlelight flickering and read about the origin of these traditions.

And then we consumed my smorgasbord of food, drank a lot of wine, and played some intense rounds of Taboo, followed by a night downtown.

On Saturday, we went to look at some dogs and then had a goofy, silly breakfast at Ihop. Then we spent a few hours at a local bar watching football. And by a few hours, I mean 9.5. It was like a revolving door of friends coming and go, and before we knew it, it was 10:30pm! So we had to refresh and head back out, of course.

I can’t say exactly what we did on Sunday because I don’t want to jinx it 🙂 But the perfect weekend was capped off by a mini-road trip to Goldsboro, where our new favorite person cooked us a delicious steak dinner.

I think the reason it was such a great weekend is because there were people in my apartment literally** the whole weekend- dinner, slumber parties, etc. I love the feeling of being surrounded by great friends, especially when I’m playing hostess! And my philosophy is that if you’re with the right people, you’ll end up in spontaneous, random situations. At one point during the weekend, my friend and I were throwing acorns at trees. I thought how nice it was that such a simple, silly act was so…fun. As someone said, “Only boring people get bored.”

*Literally means “actually or without exaggeration.” Our generation has decided to use literally in the exact opposite sense of the word; it is now interchangeable with figuratively. This simple illustration may help you out. And this article, The Trouble with Literally, is a really interesting look at the evolution of the term.


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