call for young female bloggers in the triangle!

As we speak, I’m supposed to be en route to Goldsboro to help my bachelor friend pull off a fall BBQ. I offered to go out early to make  corn on the cob with jalapeno lime butter- and to generally provide my finely-tuned domestic skill set amongst a crowd of Air Force guys 🙂

But alas, I’m sitting on my couch in my pajamas watching There’s Something About Mary, surrounded by tissues, tea, Martha Stewart Living, and my 400 Soups Cookbook. I vow that this is my last sick day but that I will make the most of it since I don’t get too many free days.

On my incredibly exhausting and mentally stimulating to do list (hard life, huh?): Watch Erin Brockovich. Catch up on my Google reader. Finish Martha Stewart Living. Pick 5 soups to make in the next few weeks. Drink seltzer water + OJ + acai Emergen-C. Anddd….

Make a list of young (18-35) female bloggers in the Triangle to reach out to about a bloggers’ group!

I love reading the blogs of cool, inspirational young women but I haven’t found too many based out of the Triangle. I always hear about the incredible real-life friendships that can come from the virtual world of blogging. I’ve experienced that online-to-offline connection on Twitter but not through blogging yet. So I figured, since one of my favorite words is proactive (and of course, scintillating!), I should make it happen!

So, if you’re a young female blogger in the Triangle (or know of any!), please comment on this post, email me, or tweet me! Looking forward to meeting you all 🙂

So far I’ve discovered (or had people tell me about!):

*Appearance on this list does not necessarily mean that the individuals behind these blogs have expressed interest in a bloggers’ group. It is simply a list of blogs based out of the Triangle that I have come across.


18 thoughts on “call for young female bloggers in the triangle!

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