introducing the newest member of the family…

Besides my one month old nephew, Mr. Gabriel! This member is more furry and definitely much fatter. Though she’s 7 years old, she acts like she’s a puppy.

Miss Madison Rose Roman

(Are you gagging yet? At least she doesn’t have a Facebook account *ahemSaraRoseRoman*)


Maddie. Maddie Rose. Chunkasaurus. Fatty Maddie. Pookie. Boo Boo. Etc

She finally figured out that the bed was for her!

What a long, hard first day! It's exhausting getting so much attention

Trust me, she's not always this calm

Such a brat. I woke up and she was lounging on the couch!

She’s so fun and playful, but we’re still working on her manners! And definitely working on her diet and exercise regimen- I was thinking of putting her on Kayne’s workout plan.

My favorite Maddie story so far: in my apartment building, there is a glass panel next to the glass door. She ran directly into the panel, got confused, backed up, and ran into it again. Clearly not the brightest bulb…Haha! Gotta love her though.


5 thoughts on “introducing the newest member of the family…

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