TAD- Day #1

It’s day #1 of my week-long challenge. I definitely did not ride my bike in the freezing, rainy this morning! Hopefully the challenge gods will grant me better weather on Wednesday and Thursday.

In light of that, here’s my {non-exhaustive and in no particular order} TAD list:

  • Having a vehicle- something I definitely take for granted since moving back to NC!
  • Having access to a blogosphere of fun, interesting, and friendly female bloggers. I sent an email to the group today and everyone sent back the sweetest emails thanking me for organizing and saying how they can’t wait to meet each other 🙂 I feel like a proud mama.
  • Being able to laugh at the little things, like Maddie being goofy or the ridiculous Pilates class that my sister and I attended, where we had to crawl around the room like panthers…We had to work SO hard to stifle our laughter but Sara left the class with mascara smudges from laughing until she cried. I take for granted that humor is imbued in every part of my life, from being alone (oh yeah, I make myself crack up all the time! I just laughed writing this) to being with my sister and friends to being in the office.

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