TAD- Day #2

  • Hair: as I was blow-drying and straightening my hair this morning (which I never do anymore!), I realize how much I take having hair, let alone healthy hair that I love, for granted. I wrote awhile back about two girls who shaved their heads for St. Baldrick’s, so I wanted to unearth that post in light of my awareness of things I take for granted.
  • Music: I said awhile back that I had never considered myself a music person, but now I realize how ever-present it is in my life. In fact, a quick search of my blog showed plenty of results including the word “music.” Nevertheless, it’s always nice to appreciate everyday music, from Baby Got Back, which makes 7am weight lifting slightly more bearable,  to a mid-afternoon playing of Doin’ Alright by Collective Efforts to put some pep into the end of the day.
  • The absolutely stunningly beautiful tree directly outside my living room and kitchen windows. It really perks up my morning to peek out the window as I make my peppermint mocha coffee! The picture below does not do it justice; I’m planning to take my Canon out and snap some photos before all the leaves fall.

3 thoughts on “TAD- Day #2

    • Haha! That’s me. Now I just jam out to to Take Over Control.

      Just updated the post with “This Day Last Year” and it was that random night where we were supposed to be working but drank wine and tea, baked, talked, etc. Do you remember that?!

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