throwing in the towel

I made a decision last night to give up on part of my week-long challenge. It was a tough decision given that ten whole dollars is on the line! Thinking of three things that I’m grateful for or take for granted every night is a piece of cake- I have so much in my life to appreciate. It’s the other part of the challenge that I’m struggling with:

Riding my bike to work twice this week. Sound easy, right? If you’re thinking “Wow, you gave up pretty darn easily,” you’re right. Here’s why I originally wanted to ride my bike:

  • To save money
  • To get exercise
  • To be more environmentally friendly
  • To have fun

And here’s what I realized:

  • My lifestyle isn’t conducive to bike riding- I have a busy schedule where I have to be places quickly. And often that schedule changes, so having a bike inhibits transitions. For example, I didn’t bike on Monday because it was raining; I didn’t bike on Tuesday because I had to bring a tray of whoopie pies for my sisters birthday; I didn’t bike today because I have to run home after work to get ready for Sara’s birthday dinner…There’s always a reason!
  • My work-out schedule is solid right now. I have tennis dates with my tennis partner, weight lifting and Pilates with my sister, and walks with my dog. Extra exercise is always great but not a necessity at this point
  • Ultimately, biking needs to be enjoyable for me to continue to do it. Forcing myself- especially in this freezing weather- is going to make me resent it
  • I pay a flat fee for parking, so I’m not saving any money on parking by biking. Additionally, my car ride to work costs approximately $.30 round trip. Not much of a financial burden

All of that being said, I really respect people who ride their bikes- I think it’s so cool! And I would absolutely love to take up bike riding, but I think I will save it for beautiful, breezy North Carolina spring. And I’m sure, with enough time, I would learn to adapt to all of the potential challenges of biking everywhere.

Do you bike? What do you think of the challenges I listed? How do you overcome them?

One thought on “throwing in the towel

  1. I totally understand the biking dilemma! I live about a mile from work and would love to bike, but it’s not really ideal in my work clothes at 7:40am. I think the people who use biking as a main source of transportation are awesome! I think it’s a lifestyle and you probably have to make sacrifices to maintain it. If you really like to bike…maybe try some spin classes during the winter 🙂

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