Cristina’s back with a brand new track…

Just kidding! Well, kind of. I actually am working on track for a Raleigh Forum marketing video! You will die of glee when you see the final product; it is epic (and winning).

Lots has happened since my last real blog post!

  • My sister’s birthday week/weekend. Girls’ dinner at Buku; mini scavenger hunt with gifts; wine tasting at Hinnant Family Vineyards; brunch at Irregardless; a night out at Hibernian; and a bonfire. There were several unexpected speed bumps, but all in all, a hilarious, fun-filled weekend with friends.
  • Hours of planning and shooting for our video, including a brainstorming session at Boylan Bridge (see pic below).
  • Getting sick yet again- Tylenol PM and DayQuil helped a lot!
  • Continuing to read the blogs of new “blog friends.” See the “Local Bloggers” list on the right hand side of my blog!
  • Arranging new events at The Raleigh Forum
  • Spotting Colin Firth on Fayetteville St, where he’s filming a dark comedy with Emily Blunt

Beautiful view from Boylan Bridge


One thought on “Cristina’s back with a brand new track…

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