a{n intentional} hiatus

After some thought, I’ve decided to take an intentional blogging hiatus of unknown time.

I blogged awhile back about how my inspiration comes in waves. And how sometimes I’m wildly uninspired. Not unhappy by any means, but just not in my usual place: of feeling like I’m bursting with things to share- so much so that I have to schedule my blog posts so that they don’t all tumble out in a back-to-back  mess (that would really clog my Twitter feed!).

Maybe all my inspiration was sucked up planning and executing a rap music video?!

Right now, I need to carry this kind of notebook, not this kind of notebook. I want to spend time cuddling with Fatty Maddie. Fit yoga or Pilates into my schedule. Snap pictures of the amazing fall leaves. Try recipes like this Pumpkin Black Bean Soup or Korean Pickled Cucmbers just for the heck of it. Maybe even work on the 56 blog drafts I have on WordPress (yikes!). And definitely take some of my new-found blog friendships off-line.

I hope you’ll be waiting for me when my hiatus ends. Feel free to dig through the archives and subscribe using the button on the right sidebar. And maybe even share with me some things that you find inspirational?


One thought on “a{n intentional} hiatus

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