the cynic in me

I think it’s safe to say that I’m a very optimistic person- see? But I also have a healthy dose of realism and skepticism in me. And I am not shy in acknowledging the silly or annoying things around me. What can I say? I call ’em like I see ’em ūüôā

Like in the movie Something Borrowed- maybe Dex was hesitant to be with Rachel because she’s insecure and needy.

Or the song Last Christmas- why wouldn’t the love of her life¬†recognize her after just one year?

Or people who say “I have a great sense of humor and I love to laugh.” Who doesn’t? For more on that, see this post.

In my search for things to be cynical about*, I Googled “things that make no sense” and I found this awesome list¬†(sorry for the slightly inappropriate first reference).¬†Misplaced quotation marks? Check.¬†Drinking a tall coffee with a venti straw? Check.¬†Candles that smell like grass. Whoa- gotta disagree with that one.

For other people’s opinions on things that don’t make sense, check these out: Progressive Blogic,¬†this “things that make no sense” forum, and 4 Cool Looks That Distress Me.

*Haha! That sounds so ridiculous, but I actually did do a Google search ūüôā


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