gluten deprivation

Since I began eating almost entirely gluten-free, I’ve come to a conclusion: constantly seeking alternatives to gluten is not satisfying for your stomach or your wallet.You can spend ages and plenty of dollars trying to find decent alternatives to traditional gluten-filled items, like pizza crust, bread, and pasta. Here’s the problem: it’s generally much more expensive and, despite significant improvements in recent years, will almost certainly still taste like a less tasty version of the original food. So what’s the solution? Embrace naturally gluten-free items, like rice, quinoa, beans, vegetables, corn, meats, cheese, seafood…the list goes on. I’m not saying don’t enjoy alternatives every once in awhile- I’m excited to try gluten-free Raleigh Cake Pops and I made some delicious gluten-free pizza when my sister and I were in the mountains. Sometimes you just want your familiar comfort foods! But don’t just pay attention to the “gluten-free” signs at the grocery store. They tend to only highlight gluten alternatives as opposed to naturally gluten-free items. Loading up on naturally gluten-free items will almost certainly leave you more satisfied and less focused on what you’re missing out on. So here’s to mung beans and bok choy and sunchokes- which I may not have discovered if I was still eating gluten!

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