homemade hand scrubs: pep talk + chill pill

For my sister’s birthday present, I put together several small gifts, including: spice mixes; homemade hand scrubs; apple cider for our K cup machine at work; a display of postcards from the cities we’ve visited recently; a photo book of awkward pictures of me {to make her laugh!}; and a few other small things.

I wanted to share the “recipe” for the easy homemade hand scrubs, which are an affordable gift with a personal touch.

Homemade Hand Scrubs

  • One part brown sugar
  • One part white sugar
  • One part salt
  • Enough olive oil to moisten all other ingredients
  • Several drops of essential oils

Combine the above in a Mason jar and tie with a pretty ribbon 🙂

For the essential oils, I used Chill Pill {lavender + Roman chamomile}. For an invigorating scent, I used Pep Talk {peppermint + sweet orange}.

Chill Pill & Pep Talk from Whole Foods by AuraCacia

Tags for the scrubs. Gotta love that Roman chamomile 🙂


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