raleigh cake pops!

Remember when I mentioned Raleigh Cake Pops yesterday? Getting a package filled with the gluten-free cake pops delivered to the office on Friday morning was such a good end to the workweek- as was our beer pong tournament, but that’s another story!

Photos courtesy of Raleigh Cake Pops

For those of you who have never had a cake pop, they’re fun bite-sized (well, two or three bite-sized!) cakes on a stick covered with a hard coating. The ones I got had a dense, rich chocolate batter with a chocolate shell. Definitely great for a chocolate fix.

The pops are wrapped individually in cellophane and tied with a twist tie. And they come in a bed of brown crinkle cut paper, which makes them cute if you’re sending them to a friend 🙂

To order cake pops, go here and to follow Anne’s fun blog, go here!


One thought on “raleigh cake pops!

  1. I love cake pops!! I made some this past spring and they were so festive. Definitely an eye-catcher at a party. I love the ones made my bakers who can come up with such creative designs (ie. disney characters or holiday themes). Hope the tournament went well 😉

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