pet ownership + the chronicles of maddie

On this blog, I write about an extensive list of topics. But I have yet to delve into the subject of pet ownership. I have decided to detail the chronicles of Maddie with the hashtag, well, #chroniclesofmaddie. Fitting, huh?

The almost two months I’ve had Maddie have by no means been easy. As a born planner and overanalyzer, I spent a lot of time thinking about my decision before adopting her.

But I never could have planned how much stress the first month was! She immediately came down with kennel cough, so she couldn’t be around my sister’s dogs. I couldn’t take her on walks because she pulled too much. But the kicker was when she swallowed multiple items and had to be taken to the vet not one, not two, but three times in one week (including both Friday and Saturday nights). After she finally got surgery, she had complications and had to be taken back to the animal hospital. Now I have to invest in a crate so the little rascal doesn’t continue to eat everything around her!

Whew. So why am I telling this sob story?

First of all, I will adamantly tell anyone looking to get a dog to make sure your schedule, financials, and sanity can manage the worst case scenario. Take into account that the worse case scenario may be way worse than you think (like in my case).

But now that we’re {fingers crossed} out of the woods, I can appreciate her ridiculous antics! So stay tuned for updates 😉

And speaking of dogs, watch this adorable video of Labrador puppies!


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