review: gluten-free garden lites roasted vegetable souffle

Anyone out there ever tried Garden Lites? They are gluten-free vegetarian souffles, and I happened across them in the frozen food section of Harris Teeter. I picked out the Roasted Vegetable Souffle because it was the most colorful.

I took it to the office for lunch, popped in into the microwave, took my first bite…and tried to like it. I really did. I love the idea of healthy gluten-free freezer options.

But at almost $4 a pop, they definitely aren’t big enough to constitute a whole meal, and all I could think what I could make at home for $4 a (filling) serving. In addition, it was pretty bland and watery. I didn’t finish it.

I would be open to trying the other souffle options- want to help me out, Garden Lites? 🙂

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5 thoughts on “review: gluten-free garden lites roasted vegetable souffle

  1. I picked up the yummiest snack the other day and nearly devoured the bag in one sitting, but then I realized it was gluten-free and wanted to tell you!

    Check out: Terra brand Krinkle Cut Sweet Potato Chips with Sea Salt. So delish 🙂

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