personal branding + reputation management

If you follow The Raleigh Forum’s blog, you’ll know that we regularly host brown bag lunches on topics that are relevant to our members.

We recently held one on personal branding and reputation management with Morgan Siem {known by her user name morgansiem! See below for more on that}, so I thought I’d share some takeaways.

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  • Personal branding is all about striking a balance between TMI and “whitewashing” {read: being boring}; this balance is strongly tied to your industry
  • Branding is important for consistency, recognizability, and identity 
  • Oftentimes local success {especially in downtown Raleigh} is based largely on your personality, which re-emphasizes the need to blur the lines between business and personal
  • Don’t just think about how your brand affects you- also consider how it affects your clients, members, customers, etc
  • Consistency is important: use similar colors, fonts, pictures, tone, etc across social media outlets
  • Own the first page of Google. When you search my name, you get my LinkedIn, my Twitter, Quora, blog, Google+, GW Bites, etc
  • Use the same name across platforms. If it’s a common name, brand a new one. Make sure that it can carry you into the next stage of life (i.e. using your business name or company affiliation isn’t necessarily a good thing). My most common user name (cmroman) could use some work
  • Link your profiles as much as possible. One thing I’ve done is link my blog to my LinkedIn. Only blog posts tagged with “LinkedIn” go to LinkedIn though. This gives you control over the content that is shared to that audience
  • Especially locally, your name should precede your resume. Make people be able to find you and know you before meeting you
  • Creative resumes like DoYouBuzz? or Vizualize.Me are great for personal branding, especially in creative professionals. Remember though- they are a supplement to a traditional resume. If an employer asks for a resume, include both, not just your super sleek infographic! More on that in another blog post!
  • Think of three words to brand yourself and portray these qualities throughout your online and offline presence
  • If you have a bad reputation online, work against it: start a blog. Build your LinkedIn page. Fill out your Google profile. All these things push negative results lower in searches
  • Think about how you would want someone to describe you behind your back; work toward having that be the message you portray
  • Set up your Gravatar {global avatar}, which uses a universal picture for different websites
  • Set up Google Alerts for your name, your business name, and other variations
  • Buy the domain tied to your real name or online user name { done!}
  • Get business cards that tie into your brand
  • Reserve your page
  • Search to find up and coming social media platforms and reserve your brand name on them

For more on personal branding, click here, here, and here! For Holly Bazemore’s recap of the brown bag, click here.

Thank you Morgan!

Was this helpful? Do you have any other advice?

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