missed opportunities

I was talking to a friend the other day about missed opportunities and I couldn’t help but wonder {did you get that reference, SATC fans?}: is there a window of, well, opportunity to reclaim supposedly missed opportunities?

Like the time last year when my friend and I baked blondie brownies to take to the local fire station in DC. We knocked on the door and were greeted by boisterous, fun firemen who invited us in for dinner. If  you know me at all, you know I’m usually one to take full advantage of a fun opportunity like that. One of my old friends taught me the motto “DIFTS” meaning Do it for the story and I generally think of that expression when cool opportunities present themselves.

But for some odd reason, I said no! A year later, I still think about how much fun we could have had if we had taken the firemen up on their offer for dinner. Maybe nothing major would have come out of it, but we’d at least have a fun story, the opportunity to talk to these guys about their honorable work, and hey- maybe we’d be dating two nice Midwestern twin firemen 🙂

Likewise, my friend recently told me about how a cute stunningly attractive guy approached her at Harris Teeter. She was so startled by his breathtakingly good looks and the fact that this happening in the middle of a grocery store that she mumbled awkwardly and went on her way.

So here’s my question- is there a socially appropriate window where you can turn back around and reverse your decision? Could we have walked back through that door and told the firemen we changed our minds and were in fact starving? Could my friend find the cute guy in the dairy section and strike up a conversation, maybe joking about how taken aback she’d been before? Or is that just too socially awkward?

This question applies to other areas of life to- what if you turned down a job offer and instantly regretted it?

Has anything like this ever happened to you? How did you handle it? 


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