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The issue of TMI is a constant topic in the blogging world…and the Twitter world…and the Facebook world…Not surprisingly, we discussed it in depth as part of personal branding during our brown bag lunch at The Forum.

There are plenty of bloggers who have a devoted and extensive readership because of the blogger’s openness. Many people value straight shooters who are willing to be blunt- and even at times share intimate details if it means bettering the blogging community. Like Angela, who posts rather openly about her stomach issues for the sake of giving context to why she’s been adding many gluten-free recipes to her blog. And ultimately, this honesty benefits readers because it’s relatable and provides them with valuable content {like gluten-free recipes!}

As I’ve said before, I try to keep the content of this blog optimistic because for me, it’s a place to celebrate when life is great and inspire when life isn’t as wonderful. And I want my readers to have the same positive, uplifting feeling that I get on here. That’s not to say that I don’t allude to a bad day every once in awhile. But I don’t feel obligated or even right giving the entire internet world a detailed account of my woes, illnesses, fights, you name it.

Personal reputation isn’t the only thing on the line here. Research shows 45% of employers look at social media profiles before making a hire. I’ll bet you big money that oversharing has cost someone out there a job or two. Or ever heard how some insurance companies are canceling individuals’ policies based on their Facebook pictures and tweets?

I’m curious of your opinion {especially you, fellow blog girls!}: Where is the boundary between being open and honest and oversharing?

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