diggin’ through the archives

According to my site stats, some of my readers were digging through the archives over the weekend. So I figured maybe I should too!

One Year Ago Today: My New Coffeemaker

11 Months Ago Today: None {but I loved this post and this post}

10 Months Ago Today: The Qualities of a Serial Entrepreneur

9 Months Ago Today: None {but I thought this was good advice}

8 Months Ago Today: The Fifth Taste- Umami

7 Months Ago Today: Get Ready for Some Design Inspiration

6 Months Ago Today: None {but I loved this recap of our Norway trip}

5 Months Ago Today: A Long Overdue Life Update

4 Months Ago Today: None {but I shared my favorite song here}

3 Months Ago Today: None {but I sought to explain my blog here}

2 Months Ago Today: Cristina’s Back With A Brand New Track

1 Month Ago Today: Not Yet An Expert

It’s so crazy to be able to rehash the past few years so vividly through my blog. When I read a post, I am instantly transported back to that moment, no matter how mundane {like the countless cups of coffee I brewed for friends with that coffeemaker last January}.

Sometimes my certainties while writing are different from the actual outcomes- remember how determined I was in February to travel the world? It didn’t end up happening, but look where I ended up!

I may do some more digging, so stay tuned for more peeks into my past year+ 🙂


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