diggin’ through the archives, part ii

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One Year Ago Today: Back in the Kitchen and Happier Than Ever {I vividly remember that roasted vegetable lasagna}

9 Months Ago Today: The Past Week- Cherry Blossoms, Life Plans, & Amazing Trips! {Hope to make it back to DC for Cherry Blossoms this year- they are amazing}

8 Months Ago Today: Stumbled Upon- Links to Good, Fascinating, and Just Plain Odd Content

7 Months Ago Today: Recap of NYC Trip {P.S. When I was in New York this Christmas, I accidentally ended up next to the hotel we stayed at during this trip! Brought back fun memories}

5 Months Ago Today: Marinated Caprese Salad & Attention K-Mart Shoppers {a delicious recipe + a cute new chair- can’t beat that!}

3 Months Ago Today: Fall Festivities {What a jam-packed fall week}

2 Months Ago Today: An Intentional Hiatus {I need these every once in awhile}

P.S. Check out Raleigh Obscura, a new blog which features interviews with Raleigh residents! If you know of anyone who deserves a write-up, be sure to send in a recommendation 🙂

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