diggin’ through the archives, part iii

One Year Ago Today: Eggplant Balls…Er, Dip {a happy mistake}

11 Months Ago Today: Learning to Compartmentalize {one of my most popular posts to date because of the reference to Bill Clinton haha}

10 Months Ago Today: Ad-libbed Stuffed Tomato {I became obsessed with stuffing vegetables after making Bethenny’s stuffed peppers}

9 Months Ago Today: I’d say my first produce box has been a success! {I miss my produce box deliveries…time to join a CSA}

8 Months Ago Today: In retrospect- the last 4 years {my attempt to sum up college in one blog post}

7 Months Ago Today: A Summery Weekend {remember this day, Karrie?!}

6 Months Ago Today: From Drab to Fab- Almost & Last Day in Norway {a tour of my unfurnished apartment}

5 Months Ago Today: We haven’t strangled each other yet {a look into our sister-owned business}

4 Months Ago Today: A Jaunt to the Vineyard {perfect way to spend a fall afternoon}

3 Months Ago Today: #daring

1 Month Ago Today: Life Updateeee

Apparently I blogged on the 12th of the month every month except November. I wonder if I’ll be able to establish any blogging patterns as I go through my archives. Maybe I’m particularly inspired on the 12th of the month? Astrology experts, I need your insight 🙂


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