the week in review

This week raced by! It’s been great but I’m excited for this weekend- skiing at Wintergreen!
  • Ski weekend in VA- we had such a fun time hanging out with our stepdad. We didn’t actually ski but we played Wii, drank hot chocolate, snow tubed…and joked around the whole time, of course!
  • Bachelor Night with the girls- it’s fun watching with a group because everyone has snarky commentary to add 🙂
  • Downtown Raleigh in Review event {the proceeds went to Change the Triangle}, followed by trivia with a random but super fun mix of friends. We dominated one of the rounds but came in fourth overall 😦
  • Tons of new faces at The Forum
  • Devoured chicken tacos from Raleigh Times and the pork loin {rice} noodle salad from Spize
  • Won the Mayorship on Foursquare of The  Raleigh Forum 2.0 {our temporary space}. Winning!
  • Brown Bag Lunch with Erica on Twitter 101. We had about 12 people in attendance, maybe of whom didn’t have a Twitter account yet. The session was very informative for them- one woman said it was enlightening and changed her perspective on this form of new media 🙂
  • Sent out an email to arrange a get together for North Carolina-based LivingSocial employees. It’s important to have a local network of coworkers when you work remotely!
  • Chatted with Sara about our next blog group event {and welcomed a new member!}
  • Two early morning weight lifting sessions + one uber-relaxing yoga class {we have a group chat for a bunch of girls who are members of the YMCA. If you’re a member and want gym buddies, contact me!}
And, most exciting of all this week: planning for A Night in Raleighwood!
  • Yelp is now a sponsor
  • We’re having a glam booth {Melissa from The Head 2 Toe Boutique is running it}
  • Still searching for a photographer for the event; if you know of someone, please let me know 🙂
  • Received our step-and-repeat in the mail!
  • Sold tons of tickets
  • Received lots of entries and great feedback on my giveaway {enter here!}

P.S. Just logged into my work account and saw that today is my one year anniversary at LivingSocial! I’m practically a veteran 🙂


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