diggin through the archives, part iv

{Pre-scheduled post…I’m computer-free in the mountains of Virginia right now!}

10 Months Ago Today: Last Week’s Recap

9 Months Ago Today: Found a Great Job? Consider Withdrawing Your Applications

7 Months Ago Today: As I was falling asleep…or this

6 Months Ago Today: {Too busy celebrating my birthday!}

3 Months Ago Today:  Top 10 Lists: Songs, Recipes, & Inspiration!

2 Months Ago Today:  I’m backkkk

1 Month Ago Today: Personal Branding + Reputation Management {one of my most popular posts ever}

Apparently I do not often blog on the 14th of the month…who knew?!

P.S. This blog title was originally “part iiii” but a friend kindly mockingly corrected me haha. Except I found an explanation that says “iiii” is sometimes used…so ha!


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