diggin’ through the archives, part x

One Year Ago Today: Lemon Coconut Bread {Need to try this gluten-free!}

10 Months Ago Today: Tip of the Week {I recommended that students buy personal business cards}

9 Months Ago Today: Quinoa Chicken Vegetable Soup {Forgive the terrible picture; I still haven’t mastered my new camera}

8 Months Ago Today: Lady Gaga Recently Said

6 Months Ago Today: Cucumber Dill Summer Salad {Definitely going to make this a winter salad too!}

4 Months Ago Today: Road Bump #1 {My road to a mostly gluten-free lifestyle}

3 Months Ago TodaySick Day Traditions & Recap: Financial Planning 101

1 Month Ago Today: Homemade Spice Mixes & Gift Tags

Remember when I wrote a review of Garden Lites? They responded to me and offered me and my readers a coupon! Get it here and let me know when you use it. I heard the zucchini marinara was good, so that’s the first thing I’m trying 🙂


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