diggin’ through the archives, part xii

1 Year Ago Today: Tex-Mex Chicken, Antsiness, & Tip of the Week

10 Months Ago Today: Tofu Combos x 100

9 Months Ago Today: Whirlwind of Emotions

6 Months Ago Today: Coffee Cubes & My Sophisticated Philosophy on Working Out and Eating Healthy

5 Months Ago Today: What A Week It Promises To Be

4 Months Ago Today: Recipe- Spinach Fontina Chicken Sausage with Sun-Dried Tomato Rice & Challenge- The Catchphrase of the Week

3 Months Ago Today: Call for Young Female Bloggers in the Triangle {This post was the catalysts for a more active social life and several new friendships}

2 Months Ago Today: You’re Invited- Clothing Swap & Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

1 Month Ago Today:  The Verdict Is In- Top Raleigh Places & Mexican Chocolate Bark


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