on the menu for the week

though it’s half-way through the week, i thought i’d share the meals i’m making this week in hopes of inspiring you to prepare homemade healthy dishes to last you all week. as per usual, my meals are a combination of my go-to favorites {tomato chickpea soup}, spontaneous, random combinations {like my salad mixes}, anddd whatever happens to be on sale in the seafood section of harris teeter {catfish nuggets!}. what are you cooking this week?

vegetable shrimp rice based on this recipe

carrot ginger soup

creative salad mixes {feta, walnuts, chickpeas, green olives, pepperoni}

tofu stir fry with feta & zucchini

broiled cajun catfish nuggets {broil with olive oil, garlic, cajun seasoning; serve with a wedge of lemon}

tomato chickpea soup


2 thoughts on “on the menu for the week

  1. You are one lucky blogger :D. I work really annoying hours, so I’m not sure what I’ll be eating. However, we have a nice chicken soup tonight made using home made chicken stock 😀

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