diggin’ through the archives, part xvi

Tonight is the night {everybody go wooh wooh ooh ooh ooh}! We’re hosting our big A Night in Raleighwood fiesta this evening. The decor is bought, the door prize items are set, the Twitter hashtag is streaming, the awards categories have been announced, the beer and wine are on the way…and my lovely red dress and gold heels are just waiting to be donned.

But before we throw ourselves whole-heartedly into the future, let’s take a peek into the my past 🙂

One Year Ago Today: Cristina’s Tip of the Week {compromise}

11 Months Ago Today: Birthright: By Definition & Recipe: Shakshuka

9 Months Ago Today: Nearing the End of the Semester {and a shout-out to my sis, SRR}

8 Months Ago Today: Magic Bullet Vegetable Lasagna

6 Months Ago Today: On The Menu for Next Week & Grown-Up Pizza Alternatives

5 Months Ago Today: Recipe Duos

4 Months Ago Today: Entrenched in the Field & Gluten-Free Challenge: Update {post about my friends’ awesome work & our sweet trip to Charleston!}

3 Months Ago Today: Homemade Bibimbap & Butternut Squash Stuffed With…Everything


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