the week in review + deep epiphanies

  • A Night in Raleighwood party. Step-and-repeat, twinkly lights, red carpet, beautiful dresses, oh my!
  • First trip to David’s Dumplings. David greeted us at the hostess stand; he was so welcoming! We got free samplers of carrot ginger soup (amaaazing), half-fried dumplings, ginger salad. For our entrees, Sara got the ginger eggplant (yum!) and I got pho (it came out with chicken the first time, so they sent it back and had David remake it). I also ordered a pot of the green tea, which I love on winter evenings. We will definitely be going back there because of the warm service, reasonable prices, and delicious food.
  • Cruise planning session with the girls at Raleigh Times. We planned our theme nights and back stories for prank night 🙂
  • A few cool people dropping into the office- one is brand new to Raleigh, so I shared a few of my Raleigh blog posts with him 🙂
  • Change the Triangle volunteer event with the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. I didn’t get to meet any of the recipients of the food because I was the official delegator for our shift. Interestingly, Sara loves the hands-on aspect of volunteering, but I’ve always loved directing (like back when I was the Student Coordinator for a freshmen volunteer program at GW called CBC). Month after month, I’m blown away by the sheer positivity and warmness of the CTT volunteers; such an amazing vibe. P.S. At the social event, I went head-to-head with one of the guys on a hot sauce eating contest. I’ll give you one guess for who mopped up that competition 😉

I had two epiphanies this week that I wanted to share:

1) While I enjoy our social events at The Raleigh Forum, what I really love is the day-to-day moments  of coworking {which we talk about here}. It’s seeing the first person walk into the office on Monday morning and recapping our weekends. It’s going with Heather to grab Starbucks and catch up on Raleigh happenings. It’s sitting across from my sister while doing work. It’s seeing Cortney’s tweets, knowing that she learned how to use Twitter at our brown bag lunch. Like we say in the video above, it’s these little moments that make it a coworking space, not just a shared office space.

2) As you see through reading my blog, I experience tons of highs but also stressful periods, like trouble with Maddie, pressure at work, fights with my sister {I know, shocker, we fight every once in awhile haha}, or bigger issues. Sometimes I envy people who don’t seem to experience extremely stressful situations, but I realize this often goes hand-in-hand with not experiencing amazingly positive experiences as well. Personally, I would rather feel stress and euphoria then live life on a flat line.

Deep, right? 🙂


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